Sociedad Agrícola La Cascada is a leading Chilean player in the agribusiness industry. The company operates two main business units: fruit and Wagyu division. Fresh avocadoes and oranges are grown for export markets in our farm located in the central region, along with grapes grown for premium local wineries. Further south company’s livestock division is located, where its Wagyu herd is bred and fed for exporting top-quality demanding markets.

Our company’s capabilities allow us to offer our clients an integrated proposition, which incorporates the entire value chain, from the genetic to the final export and distribution.

Sociedad Agrícola La Cascada was founded in 2005 by Mr. Ramón Eblen with the purpose of consolidating his different agribusiness incursions into a single entity. Since then, the company has grown in a sustainable manner, generating value-added and top-quality products to service markets all across the world.


Sociedad Agrícola La Cascada -  Address: Av. Apoquindo 4499, 5th Floor Chile  Phone: +56 22 369 4679